Azurous Studios - Welcome to Our Blue Company

Founded in early 2012 and established in early 2013, Azurous Studios, LLC is a multimedia based company focused primarily on entertainment media. We do practically everything that appeals to the two most-used senses, from voice acting and original music to 2-D art and 3-D art.

At Azurous Studios, we hope to form a relationship with our clients so they know we are reliable and we will always be willing to offer our services with a fast response. We strive to be a company that others will continue to come back to for whatever audio- or visual-related need they may require. Our clients have free reign over what they are looking for, whether they just need some music for an original sound track, or character designs for an innovative new game. There is no limit to how much or how little our clients need from us.

When you work with Azurous Studios, you can guarantee you will receive professional treatment with special attention to detail. You will be in contact with a member of our team every step of the way so you can be sure you are getting what you want out of our company. We focus on the needs of our clients and will be able to better serve you by having this open communication. Our team will keep working with you until you are fully satisfied with the final product. We never settle for anything less than the best, and neither should you.


Our Mission

We aim to leave a lasting imprint in digital media that will stand the test of time.